Music Made Me, The Allan Schiller Story - by Allan Schiller

Music Made Me - The Allan Schiller Story

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Cover. Music Made Me - The Allan Schiller Story -  by Allan Schiller

Due to the CoronaVirus lockdown, and the cancellation of all my concerts and bookings this year (where I sell a lot of my books "Music Made Me"), I find myself with more stock than I anticipated.

So I have decided to offer them on Ebay at 5 a copy, plus P&P to anywhere in the UK.

Please visit my eBay shop page and purchase from there.

Here is the link:

Thank you. Allan.

To purchase your copy of Allan's book, please send your name, address, cheque (13 per copy, including postage in the UK), and, if you want your book signed by Allan or dedicated to someone else, also include relevant details with your letter.

Price: 10 (+ 3 P&P - in the UK)

UK cheques for 13 (made out to Allan Schiller).

Postal address:
Mr A. Schiller, 14 Lilymead Avenue, Knowle, Bristol. BS4 2BX

Please remember to include your return address, and bear in mind that cheques take a few days to clear at the bank.

To order by Paypal, please select your location to ensure correct postage, and then click the buy button to pay with your Paypal account or credit card.

Music Made Me - order with PayPal.

Thank you for your order,

Phil Chave, Allan Schiller and Tony Staveacre   Email: